Fire Services

Fire services for Kemper County are provided by a proud team of dedicated volunteers for areas not included in a municipality.

Our mission is to deliver emergency services to the county and protect its well-being through preparedness, prevention, and education.

Municipal Departments

DeKalb VFD
67 Willow Ave, DeKalb, MS 39328

Scooba VFD
27678 Hwy 16 East, Scooba, MS 39358

Kemper County Fire Stations

Damascus VFD
7494 Hwy 495 South, DeKalb, MS 39328

Kemper Springs VFD
2397 Kemper Springs Rd, DeKalb, MS 39328

Mt Nebo VFD
977 Mt Nebo Rd, DeKalb, MS 39328

Mt Salem VFD
69 Walter Reed Rd, Preston, MS 39354

New Hope VFD
3118 Shiloh Chuurch Rd, DeKalb, MS 39328

Porterville VFD
42 P Square, Porterville, MS 39352

Preston VFD
5102 Hwy 21 South, Preston, MS 39354

Spring Hill VFD
9321 Kellis Store Rd, DeKalb, MS 39328

3 Mile Corner VFD
2140 Binnsville Rd, Scooba, MS 39358