Kemper County Utility District

Utility District Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is the governing body of the Kemper County Utility District. The District comprises all parts of Kemper County outside the boundaries of existing rural water systems, the Town of Scooba, and the Town of DeKalb. Responsibilities of the Commissioners include overseeing gas and water line construction within the District, seeking grants and other funding, and otherwise promoting the extension of improved utility services to unserved areas. The district was authorized by state legislation and enacted by order of the Board of Supervisors. It is governed by its own Bylaws.

Susan Morgan
(District 5)

Vice Chairman
Dr. Scott Alsobrooks

Bill Wilkerson
(District 3)

Bobby McDade
(District 2)

Jonathan Coleman
(District 1)

Tony Luke
(District 4)

Legal Counsel
Casey Bailey
Glover, Young, Hammack, Walton and Simmons, PLLC

Todd “Ike” Kiefer
Empirical Energy

Mission Statement

The mission of the Utility District is:

  • To provide new utility service, including, but not limited to, natural gas and drinking water, to areas in Kemper County currently not served by existing utilities, as economically feasible;
  • To enable existing utility service providers to improve service within Kemper County by facilitating cooperation between them and administering projects of mutual benefit;
  • To provide a path for voluntary consolidation of existing rural utility systems; and
  • To provide ways and means to carry out and accomplish these purposes, thereby benefitting and making more valuable the lands in the District and preserving and promoting the health, safety and convenience of the businesses, industrial sites, and other residents of the District.


Chairman’s Report at 2024 Annual Meeting

Board Meetings

The Board of Commissioners meets on the third Wednesday of each month in the Courthouse Annex, 230 Main Avenue, at 8:00 am. The Annual Meeting of the District is held on the second Wednesday of January each year at 8:00 am in the same location. All meetings are open to the public. Any person wishing to address the District for the purpose of bringing a matter before the Board for possible action by it shall, no later than five (5) days prior to the scheduled District meeting, submit a written and signed request to the Chairman or Secretary of the Board describing the nature of such request. Public Notice of Meetings

District Map

The District covers all portions of Kemper County not inside existing water association boundaries or the town limits of Scooba and DeKalb. As new services are provided, those service areas will be added to the map.

Kemper County utility map

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Contact Information

Board Correspondence, Agenda, Minutes and Documents
Kemper County Utility District
Attn: Secretary
14062 Hwy 16 W
DeKalb MS 39328